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I never gambled in Casino New South Wales. Then I moved to Queensland and the  Government warned me to gamble responsibly  in Queensland.  They put a big sign on  the back of the school buses.  My first government job was in the Education Department in the Treasury Building. Years later  the Treasurer wanted an internet betting licence and they
turned the Treasury Building  into a Casino.

Then I drove the bus donated by  the Casino Community Benefit Fund,  but they would not tell me the passenger load
limit. So I became the Secretary of the Workplace Health and Safety and they still would not tell me the safe load limit.

Then I became a Passenger Load Surveyor and they                                 still crammed them in. Then Daniel Morcombe
went missing for good because the bus was overloaded                            and didn't stop for  him  so  the  Government
said there will be no more refusing  of kids on buses                                but the transit officers continued kicking them
off. So I started Child Safety World  in Queensland to                                 teach the clowns a lesson.

Now I am an addict of responsible gambling at                                                   Crypto Magic World in Queensland..
                                                      Bob Coin  RGO                                                  Responsible Gambling Officer