Coming soon all about the Gobbledygoo Number by                               Radha  35793782609
So Radha received her      GOBBLEDYGOO NUMBER from the Psychic Baby. What is her MAGIC NUMBER?
Radha will need to pick a  Wishing Clown for her Mysterology Chart. Mysterology is about finding Numerical Solutions for the mysterious disappearance of little ones "Missing Figures" Does Radha want
Radha learning to play the game. Radha to learn THREE BEE PRINTING. See those THREE NOUGHTS on the left ? They are THE THREE BEES Mrs Fartenough, Mrs Noughtfear, Mrs Roughenfat. See that NINE? That's NINEAPPLE PINEAPPLE. So this is a MINDREADING ACT where THE THREE BEES simultaneously read NINEAPPLE PINEAPPLE'S MIND revealing the 3 lots of ten digit numbers besides the THREE BEES. Without knowing the numbers the THREE BEES have to print them in a flash and they must all be mathematically correct or else!

And the three 10 digit numbers must be used in a way to complete the sum with the three numbers in the first line, the MUMSANDDADS numbers 21, 03 and 2003 must be added to the first five digits in the SMART STATE number, then added to the second five digits, then added to the ten digits in the QUEENSLAND number to make the sum total being the DOLLSAFETY NUMBER 3214142927, which can be added again to the GOBBLEDYGOO NUMBER to create the CHILDSAFETY NUMBER 39012380536.

But how do those THREE BITCHES know how to read NINEAPPLE PINEAPPLE's MIND and how could anyone know the the MUMSANDADS, SMARTSTATE,QUEENSLAND, PINE NUMBERs which form THE QUESTION to which the GOBBLEDYGOO NUMBER is the the answer?? 

Well the trick is the GOBBLEDYGOO NUMBER is OMNI-ENCAPSULATED with the PINE NUMBER which is encapsulated with the QUEENSLAND NUMBER which is encapsulated with the SMARTSTATE NUMBER which is encapsulated with the MUMSANDDADS NUMBER revealing the birthdate. EasyPeasy really! 

Now Radha playing the MUMSANDDADS NUMBER 23050002004 and the PSYCHIC BABY IN THE PHILIPPINES has to provide the GOBBLEDYGOO NUMBER for it. Just a lot of ABORIGINAL HOCUSPOCUS really! Easy for kids, impossible for adults! Test them. Coming soon Radha to create a DUMSUM and see how she goes...and then she can do the OQ TEST, the ORITHMETIC QUEENSLAND TEST against the PSYCHIC BABY..
Radha to note the 14 cabbage patch dolls have just joined the circus to learn mysterology, irisology, humerology and odourology to practice thought transference to smarties who can read their minds, eyes, lips and odours for doll safety.


Radha's Pine Number is 1244 when using Australian format for birthdate DAY/MONTH/YEAR
Radha to consider if she would like to use Australian format or US format 1424 Pine Number
The MAGIC NUMBER is so important for everyone because even if it is the wrong jumber, or jumbled up or missing, it still has to know the location of all the other numbers including every individual digit. That's Magic!
What is the MAGIC NUMBER for Radha? The MAGIC NUMBER has to know the GOBBLEDYGOO Number. The GOBBLEDYGOO Number has to know the PINE NUMBER. The PINE NUMBER has to know the QUEENSLAND Number. The QUEENSLAND Number has to know the SMART STATE number. The SMARTSTATE Number has to know the MUMSANDDADS Number


The MAGIC NUMBER has to know the CHILD SAFETY Number. The CHILD SAFETY Number has to know the PREDICTION Number. The PREDICTION Number has to know the ABORIGINAL Number. The ABORIGINAL Number has to know the HOCUS POCUS Number. The HOCUS POCUS Number has to know the PLAYTHEGAME Number

and the PLAYTHEGAME Number has to know the MUMS AND DADS Number etc.

and each digit of the MAGIC NUMBER  has to know each other digit, in case one of the little ones goes missing, all the others can locate it for CHILD SAFETY.